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Crew Students Logo in Longview TX

Senior Recognition Sunday

Sign up by May 1st for Senior Recognition Sunday. We want to celebrate this important milestone for our Seniors and their families! We will recognize our seniors during the service as a church family and will have a luncheon following the service.


Who We Are

We are the CREW Student Ministry from Trinity Baptist Church Longview! We are a group of students from East Texas who want to make an impact in the world around us for the glory of Jesus Christ.



Our student ministry exists to help students know Jesus Christ deeply as we partner with parents and adults to disciple them. We focus on how to live life to the fullest by following Christ, equipping them to become disciple-makers, and leading them to surrender their whole lives for the glory of Christ as we all spread his name throughout our local schools, teams, and communities.

Upcoming Events

February 24-25

Planet Wisdom is almost here! Get out of school early, travel with us to Dallas, and dig deep into God’s Word. We’ll spend time worshipping together, hear great teaching, and see how Christ can transform our lives for His Kingdom.

Local Missions

Spring Break Week

Want to reach people in your back yard? During spring break week, we’ll be serving our neighbors and doing mission here in ETX!

Reach Camp

Join us July 10–14th as we go to REACH! Hear about what it means to live on mission for Christ and to “leave it all out on the field.”

New Small Group Study

On Sunday Mornings during January, we will be journeying through the Not A Fan series as we discuss together what it means to really follow after Jesus. We’ll discover that real followers don’t just do the Christian thing on weekends and live for themselves throughout the rest of the week. Real followers learn to give Jesus their whole lives in a passionate pursuit of his glory!

Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM

Student Journal

Students who commit to this journal will receive a 30-day devotional that helps them to ask hard questions each day, learning how to follow Jesus in more passionately.

Read the Book

Dig deeper by reading the full book. The teen edition is based on the real book and on a student level. Discover Scriptural truths inside of living of surrender, worship, and radical living.

Do it as a Family

Partner with us by walking alongside your student and joining in the conversation! There is a 75–day devotional that contains some brief yet incredible devotionals that you can use as a family.

Journey Group

Sundays, 5:30–7:00PM

High School Level

On Sunday nights, a small group of our students meet together to learn, discuss, grow, and pray so that we can become true disciples of Jesus Christ. We will discover together the calling of a disciple, and the incredible opportunity to join with Jesus on mission in our everyday lives.

Song of the Week

Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

Learn more about Trinity

We never want our student ministry to be disconnected from Trinity as a whole. Click here to learn more about Trinity, including our beliefs, upcoming events, and general info.
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